Too many people have been blaming the passing of time for their woes and unhappiness, so I have written something that gives a different perspective. Maybe we have been too caught up with time that we have forgotten how to enjoy life. So take a moment’s rest and enjoy this poem!


Time is not evil.

Time is the great conjurer of life.

Time nurtures beauty.

Time holds mystery.

Time crafts mountains, glaciers, rainforests.

Time brings lovers together.

Time heals wounds.

grey white

Long ago Time found Man.

Man was cold, hungry and dying.

Time pitied the creature.

She gave him a part of herself.

She taught him intelligence.

She taught him power.

She taught him creation.

Man created the clock.

grey white

Through the clock,

Man learned Time’s secret.

Man saw her leave.

Man wanted more of Time.

Man wanted all of Time.

Man grew bitter and hostile.

So she hid from him.


Man destroyed Time’s trees, lakes and mountains.

Man killed her snakes, rhinos and monkeys.

He slew her frogs, possums and crocodiles.

He enslaved her fish, chickens and horses.

Man forgot beauty.

Man forgot patience.

Man forgot happiness.

grey white

Now Man remembers Time by his clock.

Every morning he wakes to its chime.

But the clock is not like Time.

The clock does not feel.

The clock does not create.

The clock only takes life away.


Editor’s note: Please understand that the poem is very unpolished right now and is nowhere near finished; I have so many more ideas to improve this piece but I have exams coming up very soon, so I’ve lost hold of “Time” as well! Anyways I hope you enjoyed reading it and remember, think about the message: Do you listen to Time or to the clock?



8 thoughts on “Never forget the beauty of Time

    1. Yay, thanks! In a way you’re right, I kind of went the route of traditional Roman mythology and poetry where they personify inanimate objects and concepts like the “Fates”, “Lucifer” the Morning Star and “Modesty”.
      When I write something I think it’s as important to make it interesting as well as meaningful, so I’m so glad you liked it 😊

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