Discovery Challenge: A Piece of Advice

Pondering the chaotic, murky, volatile state of the world around you and the thoughts inside your head has a way of transforming fickle, temporary annoyances into real, catastrophic disasters. Liberation enslaves the mind – discipline frees it.

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Never overthink things. You don’t have an obligation to solve all the problems that exist in this world, and you don’t have the time either. Being profound and introspective is good, but you need self-control.
Realise that worrying accomplishes nothing and in the time you stress, you can do things that are actually important to you.

You are not alone either – everyone goes through a phase when they complicate the thoughts in their head and feel confused about everything. Have faith that if others can overcome their distempered minds, you can too.
Never doubt yourself and never become engrossed in trivial thoughts, because at the end of the day, “we are all just itty bitty people with itty bitty minds in an itty bitty world in an itty bitty universe” – D-trix.



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